First week gone

    Today is a good day,

    I managed to do the shoulder press without even noticing the pain. Yes, the pain came later in a  really natural fashion which does not worry me. On the other side of the spectrum, it is on the legs in which things are a bit more “complicated”.  I managed to do my training according to week 1 Friday, without problems.  However, just after my shoulder therapy, I started to have a weird pain in the back of my knee while walking. I guess that my knee is not as efficient as I wanted it yet, but still is in the program. On the complicated side of the story, on the 14.10 is the german masters competition and my team is expecting that I would participate. I would love too but honestly speaking, my training is not focused on that at the moment, and therefore, my training is pretty much outside of the water. I have till mid next week to give a reply to that, so I will try to test my knee and just use the event as a point of reference before the big operation. Then, plan for the next year.

    ok, let’s see how things go. bellow I just pasted my training for today, time to leave and continue working on improving.


    Friday Reps sets KLG
    Squat 5 3 80
    Shoulder Press 5 3 47.5
    Deadlift 5 1 87.5
    leg raise 10 3 6

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