Painful Weekend time to Take some Decisions

    Back to my training and therapies today after a nice but painful weekend. Painful mostly because of my own fault. After enjoying a nice evening, I felt asleep with my pillow so high that affected my neck.  Now 3 days later, I still have pain even though I got an injection to deal with that. However, that did not affect my training in a significant way. However, I haven’t been able to go to the pool to check if I could manage to swim in the vorkampf which makes me a bit worried. I guess that tomorrow, I will take it easier and go directly to the pool from home. Maybe it is a good opportunity to have a bit more rest and test if I don’t have pain after training. I hope that everything goes as planned otherwise it will be bad for my plans in the future.

    Bellow, it is my training for today, I have no problems dealing with it, but it was the first day doing the squats only with the kinesiostesic* tape. It was good despite the extra unexpected pains 😊

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    *I forgot how to write it hahaha

    Monday Reps sets KLG
    Squat 5 3 82.5
    Bench press 5 3 70
    Chin failure 3 7,8,9
    p. clean 5 3 42.5
    leg raise 10 3 6

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