Weird Feeling of Progress,

    Yesterday was a curious day of practising in the water. I went back to Fischerinsel at 6:30 a.m. to find a really crowded pool for my taste. There I was able to make another little test of my leg by swimming other 1000 meters in around 20 mins. My training is bellow for those interested on reading. What is interesting about it, is that after all the knee seems that is behaving a bit better than how it was before the operation. Maybe, it has something to do with the therapy exercises which somehow are increasing the range of motion of my calves. Thanks to that, I feel that my operated foot is getting a bit more of “feel for the water” than how it was. I just must change a bit my technique, but it seems that everything will go fine from now on. What worries me, is that this is just my second pool practice since the operation (3 months) and the big event is next week. Looking at the time, I would have had chances to win if I would have continuing training, but that is indeed something I can count with yet. However, I don’t think that I will do bad, maybe with some luck, I might even get in the top 8 this time. Let’s see…

    Today I went back to the gym. That is a remark in which I must accept that I did not manage to go to the gym on Wednesday as a holiday thing. The training went well, did not feel the days off and the progress continues linear. I decided to make the training from Wednesday, with some minor modifications just to continue the process as steady as possible. I think that at the end of the day everything will sum up well. Good thing is that I am swimming a short distance. Will I be able to handle those 30 seconds?

    I think so,


    Now till next time.




    Event Drill Distance sets rest
    warm up
    10 secs
    backstroke kick
    freestyle 25 2
    Technique with pullbowy
    50 butterfly, 50 backstroke, 50 breastroke, 50 freestyle
    5 secs
    kick practice
    25 butterfly, 25 breastroke, 25 backstroke, 25 breastroke, 25 freestyle, 25 breastroke 50 breastroke
    30 secs
    butterfly 25 1 1 minute
    backstroke 25 1 1 minute
    Breastroke 25 1 1 minute
    Freestyle 25 1 1 minute
    cooldown freestyle 100 1 1 minute


    Wednesday Reps sets KLG
    Squat 5 3 85
    Shoulder Press 5 3 50
    Deadlift 5 3 90
    Chin up 8,6,6 1 body
    leg raise 10 3 6

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