Living with the Consequences

    I must accept that I have been a bit too busy to do anything regarding my duties in general. Everything comes since the competition in which, to my surprise, I did a decent job. The thing is that during the competition I did not perform as bad as I thought. In fact, I even managed to make almost my best time of last year without having serious pool training on the last 3 months. In fact, I can ensure that I only have 3 days of pool practice in the last 4 months.

    When I was in the competition, I felt bad for myself, I could do that, and I am aware of not doing the best I cold because of lack of dedication. Some people might look from the outside and think that I am quite dedicated to my craft. But the truth is that I feel that everything moves too easily. Example of that is that Now I have to wait for my colleagues to move on with their project toward doing something.

    I think that I feel a bit frustrated, I only see progress on preparing for the operation. I think that I doing things wrong, I should focus more on my thesis, maybe I will just do that from today on. I need to move on no matter what…


    Now I will go in another direction.



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