Back on Track a 2019 Story

    Today is January 7 of 2019 and finally I decided to revamp all the information related with my life. This is not a new year new me thing  despite of how it sounds, but it is more a put in order of a series of event that started last year.

    Last year I lost my father and I got a series of operations on my knee to make myself be back a finally, healthy position in which I can do everything as a normal person again. These 2 events plus the constant caring of my son has been the main catharsis for me to do something for my family and for myself.  I have too much damaged baggage and it is time to fix it up.  Starting with the obvious, my own health.

    Now status, since the last week, I started to make my new visit to the gym, only on Thursday and Friday. Basic exercises focusing on my lower back (after the injury before the operation) and my leg muscles re-education. Tomorrow I will have my appointment with my doctors which will let me know if I can stop using the knee pad which is causing me more pain than benefits. Also, I have been lucky of having a great sister which helped me with my rehab using EMS and TENS therapy.

    So this is it, now it is my 3rd day of exercises officially, for the leg I focus only on bicycle during the day and in the afternoons walking and EMS. On the upper body, I try to improve the muscle elasticity, and for my back I focus on core and paravertebral exercises. I hope to find time to post the exercises progression with a more practical way.



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