First Month of the Year, a New Unexpected Start

    The year started and I was received at work with a surprise. The most improbable thing happened at work, I was asked to leave the company. The reason? It is a personal thing, but the official reason was that the company was closing my division. One might argue that I could have been moved to another position in the company, as it is usually in a German company, but I have been explicitly asked to leave. The reason is simply to infer, I am too expensive for the company, and it seems that the company is not doing as well as expected due to several reason that does not need to be discussed here.  However, even though I am not pleased by the news, it was something Inside of me that I was expecting. Proof of that can be seen in the fact that my wife says that since the news, I come back home happier.

    On the other side, my rehab from my operation is going well. Now I can walk normally, and I can even make box squats. It is petty that I haven`t been able to properly log the effect, maybe I will try to find a way to log the information in a more reliable fashion. Now my goal is to be able to swim which, in theory, I could start properly doing by mid-February. Unfortunately, it will be a bit too late for the first of 6 major events (the Berlin long course master competition).

    So lets see, time to continue looking for a new change of life and improving my health. At the end of the day, it is only what we can do with what life throws at us that define us a person.

    Bis bald,


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