Month: May 2019

    Stretching Matters

    In order to decrease my constant pains in shoulder and back knee, I have intensified the stretching routines as part of my daily life. It might sound obvious, but that really have a good impact on my swimming. I am not talking in the fact of a better, smoother stroke, but in how much power the stroke has. I am talking specifically in the butterfly stroke, in which the middle part of the stroke is usually compromised due to the limited range of movement.   Today training was around 1750m in 50 mins, and even though I do have way […]

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    Shaping the Path

    Back tot he pool again, and this morning was an interesting training. Still in the 1800 m training, my focus was today in breaststroke. I feel that the push in the water forward is getting better, but at the same time it seems that there is some inefficiency in my style which is mostly related with the fact that I still need to work in my core. I think that I will add a routine in the mornings when I am the most lazy to work on it. That will force me to work on it 😊. I guess that […]

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