Stretching Matters

    In order to decrease my constant pains in shoulder and back knee, I have intensified the stretching routines as part of my daily life. It might sound obvious, but that really have a good impact on my swimming. I am not talking in the fact of a better, smoother stroke, but in how much power the stroke has. I am talking specifically in the butterfly stroke, in which the middle part of the stroke is usually compromised due to the limited range of movement.  

    Today training was around 1750m in 50 mins, and even though I do have way more time to work in my training, this time I am taking it easy towards a better performance in September. Yes, there is still a part of me that wants me to work to failure, but this time, I will listen to my body and see…

    Afternoon is of pull training 😊 looking forward to it

    Today’s training

    Warm up

                    2×50 free (rest 10 sec) slow

                    8×50, alternate (1 back, 1 fly on back) no rest in between

                    2×50 free (rest 10 sec) slow

                    2×25 one arm fly

                    2×50 backstroke (rest 10 sec) slow

    Set 1: Technique fly with fins 2 times

                    4 x25 fly kick (back, side, front,side) (no rest)

                    2×25 1 arm butterfly, (no rest)

                    50 m fly technique (1 arm-1 arm-full)

    Main Set (still with fins)

                    4×25 fly (rest 30 secs) mid tempo

                    2×50 free (rest 20 secs) mid tempo

                    2×50 back kick (rest 30 seconds)

                     4 x 25 butterfly max speed (rest 30 seconds) without fins

                    (18,17,17,16 seconds my times)

    Cool Down

    3 x25 reverse medley

    25 kick breaststrokes on the back

    100 free


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