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    Shaping the Path

    Back tot he pool again, and this morning was an interesting training. Still in the 1800 m training, my focus was today in breaststroke. I feel that the push in the water forward is getting better, but at the same time it seems that there is some inefficiency in my style which is mostly related with the fact that I still need to work in my core. I think that I will add a routine in the mornings when I am the most lazy to work on it. That will force me to work on it 😊. I guess that […]

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    Finding Happiness

    This weekend has been a bit complicated in my mind. My beloved wife has been worried about me and it seems that she sees in me something I am too accustomed to notice. It seems that in her eyes, I am not a happy person, and it seems that there is some truth on it. I was thinking that it is difficult to express happiness, even though being with her and my little monster is the only thing I need in life. I should eliminate distractions, I feel that my life is like a puzzle with missing parts now. so, […]

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    First Month of the Year, a New Unexpected Start

    The year started and I was received at work with a surprise. The most improbable thing happened at work, I was asked to leave the company. The reason? It is a personal thing, but the official reason was that the company was closing my division. One might argue that I could have been moved to another position in the company, as it is usually in a German company, but I have been explicitly asked to leave. The reason is simply to infer, I am too expensive for the company, and it seems that the company is not doing as well […]

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    Back on Track a 2019 Story

    Today is January 7 of 2019 and finally I decided to revamp all the information related with my life. This is not a new year new me thing  despite of how it sounds, but it is more a put in order of a series of event that started last year. Last year I lost my father and I got a series of operations on my knee to make myself be back a finally, healthy position in which I can do everything as a normal person again. These 2 events plus the constant caring of my son has been the main […]

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