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    Weird Feeling of Progress,

    Yesterday was a curious day of practising in the water. I went back to Fischerinsel at 6:30 a.m. to find a really crowded pool for my taste. There I was able to make another little test of my leg by swimming other 1000 meters in around 20 mins. My training is bellow for those interested on reading. What is interesting about it, is that after all the knee seems that is behaving a bit better than how it was before the operation. Maybe, it has something to do with the therapy exercises which somehow are increasing the range of motion […]

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    Painful Weekend time to Take some Decisions

    Back to my training and therapies today after a nice but painful weekend. Painful mostly because of my own fault. After enjoying a nice evening, I felt asleep with my pillow so high that affected my neck.  Now 3 days later, I still have pain even though I got an injection to deal with that. However, that did not affect my training in a significant way. However, I haven’t been able to go to the pool to check if I could manage to swim in the vorkampf which makes me a bit worried. I guess that tomorrow, I will take […]

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    First week gone

    Today is a good day, I managed to do the shoulder press without even noticing the pain. Yes, the pain came later in a  really natural fashion which does not worry me. On the other side of the spectrum, it is on the legs in which things are a bit more “complicated”.  I managed to do my training according to week 1 Friday, without problems.  However, just after my shoulder therapy, I started to have a weird pain in the back of my knee while walking. I guess that my knee is not as efficient as I wanted it yet, but […]

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